Visual FoxPro to Servoy migration

Tools facilitating a smooth transition

Are you considering the move to Servoy, a cross-platform rapid application development and deployment environment based on Open Standards ?
If keeping your current application user interface is essential for your business, then our tools will assist you in quickly converting the existing Visual FoxPro forms and reports.


vfp2Servoy products are deployed using the Java Web Start technology. This way we can ensure you always get the latest version. Click on the Launch button to start the software.

Free evaluation version

A login and password is required to access the evaluation version. Simply request your credentials via our contact form.

Although you can convert an unlimited number of VFP forms, this version has some limitations :
- maximum 20 objects per form
- maximum 2 columns per grid
- maximum 2 pages per pageframe
- mapping of objects and properties is not modifiable
- conversion of only 1 form at a time

Full licensed version

The single user full licensed software is available upon payment of a yearly subscription fee of 350 EUR (ex. VAT). Since we do not offer secure online payments for the moment, please contact us by email for further arrangements.

During the licensed period, the subscription fee includes all software upgrades and allows you to convert an unlimited number of Visual FoxPro forms to Servoy.

Additional features available in this full licensed version are :
- ‘one-click’ full project forms migration
- customizable mapping of objects and properties

Instructions on deploying and using the vfp2Servoy Conversion tools are provided in our vfp2Servoy User's Guide

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