Visual FoxPro to Servoy migration

Tools facilitating a smooth transition

Are you considering the move to Servoy, a cross-platform rapid application development and deployment environment based on Open Standards ?
If keeping your current application user interface is essential for your business, then our tools will assist you in quickly converting the existing Visual FoxPro forms and reports.


Moving to JasperReports
Posted by kvanacker  •  March 31, 2012

Our brand new Visual FoxPro to JasperReports conversion tool is now available for download. With vfp2Java.reports redesigning your legacy FoxPro reports in a Java environment is just a matter of seconds. JasperReports and the visual report designer iReport from Jaspersoft seems an excellent destination platform.

Servoy 6
Posted by kvanacker  •  October 5, 2011

We have been testing vfp2Servoy.forms with the latest release of Servoy. The generated forms are properly handled with the new Servoy Developer. Due to some other priorities, new developments have been delayed, including the vfp2Servoy.reports tool.

Code Signing Certificate
Posted by kvanacker  •  June 23, 2011

Our vfp2servoy.jar application files are digitally signed by a GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate. This feature will add an essential level of trust to the application installation process.

‘One-click’ full project forms migration
Posted by kvanacker  •  June 5, 2011

You can now select all or some forms of a Visual FoxPro project and convert them in a single conversion run. A typical project composed of 100 forms takes about 15 seconds to be converted.

Free download of the evaluation version
Posted by kvanacker  •  May 19, 2011

Our evaluation version (0.9) is now available via the vfp2Servoy.forms product page. Since vfp2Servoy will be regularly updated, we are deploying the tool using the Java Web Start technology which ensures you get the most current version. Simply request your login/password via our contact form.

Spring, time to take care of our Borders
Posted by kvanacker  •  March 20, 2011

Border properties (BorderColor, BorderStyle, BorderWidth, SpecialEffects) of most Visual FoxPro objects have been improved for optimal conversion into the corresponding Servoy elements.

Complete set of VFP Baseclasses converted to Servoy
Posted by kvanacker  •  March 3, 2011

Missing objects such as Containers and CommandGroups are now included. Nested containers and pageframes are functioning perfectly. Grid columns can be composed not only of TextBoxes, but also of other objects such as CheckBox, ComboBox,...
Extra attention is being paid on achieving an almost identical user interface : colors, exact pixel size, initial state, rowsource(valuelist),... It doesn't make sense to convert raw objects if one has to spend hours to arrange objects and modify visual properties.
A first demo version should be available for download very soon.

First public presentation @ ServoyWorld 2011
Posted by kvanacker  •  February 4, 2011

The 'alpha' version now converts most of the VFP baseclasses such as CheckBox, ComboBox, CommandButton, EditBox, Grid, Image, Label, ListBox, OptionGroup, PageFrame, Shape, Spinner and TextBox. VFP object properties having a Servoy element equivalent are being mapped.
At the end of ServoyWorld 2011 a special FoxPro Night has been organised and we had the opportunity to present our initiative. We had several positive reactions of experienced (former) Visual FoxPro developers. Hence motivating us to continue our efforts.

Starting development of vfp2Servoy
Posted by kvanacker  •  November 14, 2010

Today we discovered Servoy and downloaded the community version to evaluate this Java and Eclipse based development environment. Since we were already developing a vfp2Java tool for converting Visual Foxpro forms to Java and NetBeans, why not investigate this opportunity ? After about 4 hours playing around and discovering Servoy, we were already convinced to focus our efforts on building a similar vfp2Servoy conversion tool.

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