Visual FoxPro to Servoy migration

Tools facilitating a smooth transition

Are you considering the move to Servoy, a cross-platform rapid application development and deployment environment based on Open Standards ?
If keeping your current application user interface is essential for your business, then our tools will assist you in quickly converting the existing Visual FoxPro forms and reports.



The vfp2Servoy.forms conversion tool is based on the original vfp2Java concept developed by konXsys. It has been adapted in order to reduce efforts in converting Visual Foxpro forms to the Servoy environment.

Features currently available
- conversion of Vfp BaseClass objects to Servoy equivalent
- nested containers
- customizable mapping of objects and properties
- ‘one-click’ full project forms migration

Features to come
- SubClass objects and Visual Class Libraries (.vcx)
- Vfp ControlSource to Servoy DataProvider

The main objectif is to convert the visual design of the user interface. Translating Visual FoxPro to Servoy code (JavaScript) is not within the scope of this product.



The Servoy JasperReports Plugin enables the deployment of these powerful reports in Servoy solutions.

Our brand new Visual FoxPro to JasperReports conversion tool is already available for download at vfp2Java.reports. A version optimized for Servoy integration is now being elaborated.

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ComboBox mapping PageFrame mapping vfp2Servoy.forms vfp2Servoy.forms


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